DREAMING KEVIN: The Path to Healing
2014 Expanded Edition

A true story of a bereaved mother's journey to the dreamtime in search of her son.


All workshop programs and individual sessions are beneficial for anyone who is grieving the death of a loved one, experiencing a major life transition or personal loss; working as a support group facilitator, caregiver, grief counselor or therapist with bereaved individuals, parents, families and children; wanting to improve dream recall or explore the inner world of dreams; and anyone who is dreaming big, small or not at all!

Dream work outside the clinical setting is not a substitute for psychotherapy or other professional treatment, and should not be used as such. The material presented in workshops, dream groups or individual sessions are provided for general information purposes only and do not constitute legal, psychological or other professional advice on any subject matter. Carla Blowey (and associates/group members) are not responsible for any loss, misunderstanding or actions which may arise with the participant from information discovered in dream work.

Please contact Carla for costs, payment options and customized services at [email protected] or 970-209-7217

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"Just as a decanter holds the wine that is poured from the bottle to aerate and open its aroma and flavor, dream sharing enables the dreamer to "aerate" or breathe life into the imagery and landscape of the dream." ~Carla Blowey


Host a Dream Tasting(c) Group in your home!

As the Dream Host, you invite 5-7 friends to your home for two hours of dream sharing and wine sipping! I provide the dream work expertise and wine!

It's easy and fun - just friends sharing their dreams and insights to access the healing power of dreams. No experience in dream work is required to participate nor is it required to drink wine - any beverage will do! Come with an open heart and a desire to see your dreams differently!

FORMAT: Brief introduction to dream work, Q&A, and group exercise to share dreams. Bring your journal and dress comfortably for a relaxed atmosphere with dreamers and friends.

COST: $25 per person (2 hours - host collects fees, payment in full due that day)

GROUP LIMIT: 8 (minimum 5 - maximum 8 including you!)

HOST INCENTIVE: Receive a one-hour individual dream work session with Carla (non-transferrable) when you have 8 dreamers in attendance.

CONTACT: Carla 970-209-7217  [email protected]

   "When I Dream of You"

 by Michael Nunley

     At one of my first meetings of The Compassionate Friends, I attended two of Carla's dream workshops.  I was amazed to watch the transformation of a group of bereaved mothers who were tired, frightened and depressed, feel more rested, excited and hopeful.   I'm not saying the whole class leaped from grief to joy in a single night, but everyone who came back for a second session returned with a smile and a measure of hope they didn't have before.

     One women tearfully told us how she feared nightmares so much that she avoided sleep to the point of near physical breakdown.  With careful instruction from Carla and a new set of interpretive tools, this dear bereaved mother began to look forward to appearances of her child in her dreams.  She no longer woke with tears of frustration but instead tears of joy for a dream conveying new memory, a smile or a simple reassurance from her deceased child.  Going to bed with hope rather than fear set the tone for a new pathway to dreaming and a more restful night     Carla's journey from personal tragedy to creative guide for healing was inspiring.  I vividly imagined her own horrific loss and contrasted that with the smiling gentle women as I witnessed this room full of kindred spirits.    

      And so, I wrote "When I Dream with You".  The song is not an accurate re-telling of Carla's story (for that you MUST read her book) but it does, I hope, capture its emotion and purpose.


   Michael Nunley has always had a great love for music. As a youth he was singing in churches and sharing the stage with well known performers in shows and television appearances all across the Ohio Valley. Growing up in a military family, Michael traveled extensively. He considers himself blessed to have experienced the beauty and diversity of so much of our world and it's people. Michael was a music scholarship recipient at Walters State College and at The University of Tennessee.

     In 2000, tragedy struck twice, causing Michael to have a deeply personal change in his attitude and understanding of loss and grief. His sister, Cyndy, took her own life shortly before his father, Col. Billy F. Nunley (U.S.A.F.) lost his fight with a cancerous brain tumor. Michael is profoundly grateful for the opportunity to have written a song for The Compassionate Friends in 2011, and he found the experience brought him a new level of healing. He hopes to pass along some comfort with his poetry and music. In his workshops, he encourages others to use the creative process of writing, as he has done.  In 2014 Michael sang and presented workshops at The Compassionate Friends' National Conference in Chicago and performed original music for the opening luncheon as well as the closing tribute to Darcie Simms.  Michael says, "Grief is natural. What's UN-natural is dying from it in solitude. Accepting help, learning from it and passing along the healing is far better.



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    Sharon Strouse, MA, ATR
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