The 2018 HEARTLIGHT TREE PRAYER PROJECT is a community effort to spread LOVE and PEACE from wherever you are around the world. Traditionally, the Heartlight Tree honors the memory of all children who have died and blessed our lives.

This season we invite you to share your blessings, prayers and affirmations of love and peace for your loved ones, your community and the world. Our prayer is that the winds of change may carry your prayer to the hearts of those who need hope and healing.

Update: We were so pleased and honored by your positive outpouring of prayers for The 2018 Heartlight Tree Prayer Project! Thank you so much for sending LOVE and PEACE by placing a flag at the tree or sending a virtual message via our Facebook page and Instagram. We'll be back next year for another season. Please join us wherever you are!

 Click here to see video #theheartlighttreeshinesforall