January 7, 2021, marks the 30th anniversary of the death and transition of our beloved Kevin. As we welcome 2021, we remember our sweet Kevin who continues to inspire us to love deeply and dream big!

The Heartlight Tree will also mark its 30th anniversary in December of 2021. Standing over 30 feet tall, its sturdy trunk and strong branches have held thousands of memories for our bereaved companions across the country.

Each year, I’m inspired to create a way to engage our local community and our online community to honor and celebrate the lives of all our beloved children who have died. In the first two decades, over 400 handmade and personalized ornaments graced its branches. On the 20th anniversary, we installed the giant heartlight decoration as a beacon of love for all our deceased children around the world. In the past few years, we’ve strung colorful, mini flags across the bottom row decorated with your prayers and affirmations. We stand in awe of your willingness to support our bereaved companions with such compassion.

The Heartlight Tree Project: Notes of Faith, Hope & Love for 2020.

So, what do we have in mind for this season? Let’s give 2020 a swift kick to the past and send it on a wing and a prayer with love and gratitude for all we’ve learned and endured! Yep, we’re inviting you to write a Love Note to hang on The Heartlight Tree.

There are two ways you can participate: The first option is a note card titled, “Notes of Faith, Hope and Love”. The content of the Love Note is your choice. It could be an expression of gratitude for _______; an affirmation about ________; a blessing for a loved one________; a prayer for physical, emotional or spiritual healing for ____________; a declaration of love for _______; a pledge for an act of kindness; an offering of forgiveness to________; in memory of _______. You get the idea. We know you’ll step up and surprise us with your ingenuity and grace and bless everyone with your insight and wisdom. 

(read instructions in right-hand column - download template here)

The second option features another Love Note titled, “In Memory of Kevin Blowey”. If you knew Kevin, please share a favorite memory or a story about him. If you’ve read Dreaming Kevin: The Path to Healing tell us how it impacted your life or the life of someone you know. We still enjoy hearing how Kevin’s presence in your life and/or how Dreaming Kevin has inspired you to love deeply and dream big. (read instructions in right-hand column - download template here)

There are no words adequate to express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to each of you for your love and support during these past 30 years. Please know that each of you hold a special place in our heart forever!

With Love,

The Bloweys ~ Carla, Stann, Amber, (Kevin), Megan & Jason



Download LOVE NOTE template

Option ONE: Easiest option for everyone no matter where you live! All digital!

  1. Send your message to us and we will print it on the postcard and hang it on the tree for you!
    1. Carla Blowey or Carla Frocchi Blowey via Facebook Messenger
    2. OR send an email with your message to Carla at [email protected].

Option TWO: If you prefer to use the template and want to email or text a photo or pdf.

  1. Open the attachment and print the template for the post card.
  2. Write your message within the space provided
  3. Scan the card (front & back), save to a .jpg or .pdf file, attach it to an email and send it to [email protected]
  4. Take a photo of the card (front & back) and send it to Carla Blowey via Facebook Messenger; or email at [email protected]
  5. Extra option: Take a second photo of you holding your Love Note and send that as well!
  6. We will print note card and hang it on the tree for you!

Option THREE: (If you live nearby and can visit the tree)

  1. Open the attachment and print the template for the post card.
  2. Write your message within the space provided. Cut to 4x6 postcard size
  3. Bring your Love Note to The HEARTLIGHT TREE at Hillcrest and Devon St. (Montrose CO)
  4. Hangers are provided at the tree – please slip the postcard in a plastic baggie and hang it on the tree!
  5. Take a selfie at the tree and share it on The HEARTLIGHT TREE Facebook page or send it to Carla Blowey via Facebook Messenger ; or email at [email protected]

If you’re on Facebook, please remember to LIKE us on The Heartlight Tree page!