Carla Blowey's journey into the world of dreams, parental grief, and the realms of reconciliation and healing beyond these thresholds, is truly moving, profound, and of great value to anyone, whether or not they have had similar experiences in the waking world. Dreaming Kevin is a work of grace, skill, and dedication to the deeper truth - it is not to be missed! 

~ Rev. Jeremy Taylor, D. Min. author, "Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill", Co-founder and Past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, (IASD), Founder-Director of the MarinC Institute for Projective Dream Work, (MIPD), Member of the Board of Unitarian Universalist Society for Community Ministries (UUSCM).


"Dreaming Kevin is a must-read for all bereaved mothers, as well as for all women who have loved a child! Every word written by Carla is from the heart and soul of a mother who was forced to walk the long path of despair, ultimately bringing each reader to a destination of joy. A soul-filled journey for us all!  Dreaming Kevin Book of the Month 2002 at

Judith Guggenheim, Co-author of Hello From Heaven!

"I know from my life and work of what Carla writes. I can see in the drawings of the people I work with what Carl Jung stated, "The future is unconsciously prepared long in advance and therefore can be guessed by clairvoyants." When we open our minds to the fact that consciousness is not limited to the body we can experience a very different experience. Communication then takes on a new form and time no longer exists. Dreams and images are some of the ways that this communication can occur. Read Dreaming Kevin and share the emotions and the wisdom that are present. It takes courage to learn from our afflictions and losses, but they are the greatest teachers. Read, learn and avoid having to become strong at the broken places.

Bernie Siegel, MD author Love, Medicine & Miracles and Prescriptions for Living.

Dreaming Kevin chronicles an extremely heart wrenching journey, and the honesty with which Carla Blowey faces her emotions is admirable. I could really feel her pain, and got as close as is possible, I think, to understanding what it is like to lose a child. The connections she makes between "dreaming" and "reality" is one that change the way people look at life!

John Aherne, Senior Editor, Warner Books

"Dreaming Kevin shows the power of the human spirit to persevere in the midst of grief and survive the death of a child. As her spiritual coach, Carla's son Kevin challenges her to face her fears and see beyond the illusion of his death as they journey together during dream time in search of the truth, that ultimately leads Carla to forgiveness and healing."

Sally Merrill Redfield, author of "Creating a Life of Joy" 

Carla has created a healing journey on paper. "Dreaming Kevin" gives us permission to think (and feel) outside of the box. Her strength and courage shine through her words and gives all of us reason to believe in that which we cannot explain. None of us want to be in Carla's shoes, but knowing there are gifts along the way makes it all a little more comprehensible. Thank you Carla, and Kevin, for sharing your wonderful story.
Sandy Goodmanauthor,  Love Never Dies: A Mother's Journey from Loss to Love 

"Dreaming Kevin is a must read for anyone serious about doing grief work. Upon picking up the book, you soon realize how the Divine works in dreams and images that are calling us to greater depths about the true meaning of life. This book cannot be put down much less put back on the shelf. It remains in your heart forever. It is worth the risk of reading for it will change not only your belief about grief but will move your heart closer to the Divine."

Rev. Norman L. Bouchard, author, 29 Questions for the Ordinary Life, Revealing the Profound Amidst the Ordinary; Minister, Center for Spiritual Living, Colorado Springs, CO

"Dreaming Kevin is a must read for anyone experiencing loss in any form (almost all of us) as well as those who are counseling victims of loss. Through the eloquently descriptive passages of one experiencing the sudden death of a precious child emerges the salvation of forgiveness. Carla hides nothing of the intense feelings she had each day, but she also fully describes the guidance she received through dreams and people acting as angels. Their messages of eternal life and forgiveness was alternately overlooked, accepted, rejected, welcomed and finally blessed as an internal battle raged. Carla's intuition and Kevin's obvious foreknowledge has already blessed many and now it will touch others through this book. Keep the tissues handy and read it through to the end."

Harry McDonald, author Touched by Love, retired counselor and A Course in Miracles  practitioner; author 

Carla Blowey's revised version of her insightful book Dreaming Kevin, is testament that we can eventually find our way through the pain and turbulence of parental bereavement, if we are able to open our hearts to the healing insights that the aftermath of the death of a child can bring.

Carla's predictive dream of Kevin's imminent death, led her to become an excellent intuitive dream interpreter/facilitator. Her dreams workshop programs are a great addition to the many supportive resources available, and can help grievers who want to delve into and understand the hidden messages in their dreams more deeply.

Over 20 years after the tragic death of her beloved five year old son Kevin, Carla revisits her grief experience through new eyes - those of a mother whose long and ongoing journey has taken her into a new phase of life, in which she can breathe again and live with purpose, not just barely survive.

Carla's revised version of Dreaming Kevin is dedicated to her daughter Amber, who was only 8 years old when her little brother was killed. Testaments from Amber, her friends, and many of the then five and six year old friends and cousins of Kevin, who silently grieved his tragic passing, are among the new version's additions. The reflections of these now young adults, are an eye opener.... Often we think young children will get over such tragedy, and due to the tumult of our own emotions, we tend to overlook the depth in which these young ones suffer, and that their suffering can have long lasting emotional implications.

Through the adult voices of these grown up children, we see that they were deeply affected, but incapable of articulating their emotions in ways that could be heard over the noises of the adults' grief. Siblings and friends also need an outlet, to be heard and helped. Carla, your group "Rainbows For Children" is such a wonderful acknowledgement for grieving children. Alongside your dream facilitation work, your wonderful contribution to helping those who suffer great loss is acknowledged and very much appreciated. Thank you

Laura Tomei

Author of 'Footprints in the Sand – A Symphony of Grief'

Founder of 'Between Two Worlds' a Facebook parental bereavement group

The death of a child releases an inexplicable grief that transcends human understanding. Dreaming Kevin captivates the readers on many levels: spiritual, biological, emotional, and psychological. The journey is in its true form, dark and abysmal at times, reflecting the experience of parental bereavement. This is a wonderful and enlightening book and I'd recommend it to not only those who have experienced the death of a child, but also those who work with or support others in that tragic situation.

Joanne Cacciatore-Garard, Founder, MISS Foundation

There is so little we know, but fortunately, in recent years we've learned that our loved ones who have died live on - in our hearts, our minds, our souls - and somehow their spirits live near us and love us still.  Dreaming Kevin is a touching story of one mother's continuing love and gentle communicatio"n with a very special child. This book is like walking into a warm hug."

Joy Johnson, Co-Founder, Centering Corp.