All workshop programs are beneficial for anyone who is grieving the death of a loved one, experiencing a major life transition or personal loss; anyone working as a support group facilitator, caregiver, grief counselor or therapist with bereaved individuals, parents, families and children; anyone wanting to improve dream recall or explore the inner world of dreams; and anyone who is dreaming big, small or not at all!  

On site programs are dependent on Covid-19 restrictions and not available everywhere.

ALL PROGRAMS are available on ZOOM except The ART of Dreaming.

DREAMS: A Blessing in Disguise for Healing through Loss and Transition©

Carla Blowey invites the bereaved to recognize their own dreams as a valuable tool for healing grief and reconciling the death of their loved ones. Carla offers the bereaved an opportunity to see beyond the illusions of death and grief, bringing their dreams and their loved ones, and ultimately themselves into the light.

In simple terms, Carla explains that dreams of the bereaved often mirror their own grief journey in memories, metaphors, and symbols, pointing to issues and hidden agendas blocking the path to acceptance and reconciliation.  In addition, the bereaved commonly experience "dream visits" with their deceased children and deceased loved ones and friends, offering the bereaved  assurance of their loved one's  continued existence. 

Carla's compelling story will invite the bereaved to examine their dreams for personal symbols, synchronicity, and metaphor, as a means to reconciliation and self-empowerment. Carla believes that everything we need to know to do our own grief work is accessible within us. Using our intuition and discernment, we can interpret our dreams to reveal the guidance and wisdom needed for our personal growth and healing.

Carla says, "Sharing our dreams in the projective format is an opportunity to see our grief   journey from a different perspective. When we are willing to see our grief and our dreams differently, we are in a mode of healing?letting go of perceptions that inhibit our emotional and spiritual growth. With each insight, we can examine the diverse issues that complicate living with loss, illuminating the imagery from the inner world to manifest creative solutions in the outer world."

Carla shares her dreams and excerpts from her book, Dreaming Kevin: The Path To Healing to illustrate the difference between grief dreams and  "dream visits". Using the projective format, Carla invites participants to share dreams in a large and small group exercise. This workshop is most effective as a three-hour program to insure understanding of basic dream work, group exercise and application. Other options and programs specific to groups needs and time limitations are available.

LENGTH: One to three hours - customized for your group. One hour program is a presentation. Two and three hour programs include group exercises.

Program title options customized for group interest:

Dreams: A Blessing in Disguise for Healing through Loss and Transition

Dreams: A Blessing in Disguise for Grieving Parents© (bereaved parent support groups)

Dream Visits: Close Encounters of the Spiritual Kind© 

The Art of Dreaming: Processing our dreams through creative expression in collage work©

The Who, What, Where, Why, and How of Dreaming©

THE ART OF DREAMING: Processing our dreams through creative expression in collage work©

Have you ever had a dream that made you question your sanity, your morals, your desires or your fears? Dreams of being chased, falling of a cliff or driving a car without brakes can be quite unsettling. Symbols, images, recurring themes and odd characters from our personal history are viewed like a movie on the private screen behind our eyes. Our soul is always trying to bring itself into balance and in our dreams points out physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues that need our attention. Our fears of being overwhelmed by our emotions or threatening characters force us to escape the dream by waking up (we literally exit the dream theater in the dark!) leaving the dream message incomplete.

In collage making, we bring the dream images from the inner world to illustrate their truth in the outer world giving voice to the unspeakable. As feelings and emotions associated with the dream arise from the unconscious, we are guided by our intuition to select images that convey our soul’s deepest desire for healing.

This transformational experience allows the dreamer to process traumatic loss, challenges, and life transitions by overcoming the fear of the symbol and seeing its healing aspect. Collage making invites the dreamer into a dialogue with the soul giving deeper meaning and expression to the dream to manifest creative solutions to thrive in the waking world.

No previous experience with dream work or art talent is required for this program…only the willingness to see differently.

LENGTH: 3.0 hours  (30 min introduction; 20 min guided meditation; 60 min collage making; 50 min sharing collages, question and answer period)


Carla Blowey, bereaved mother and author of Dreaming Kevin: The Path to Healing shares the prophetic dream about the death of her five-year-old son, Kevin, and the many subsequent dreams that offered her forgiveness, healing, spiritual growth, and new life. Using examples from her own dream journal, Carla helps participants discern the difference between a "dream visit" and a "grief dream", and recognize all dreams as a valuable tool for reconciling the death of a loved one or child. Carla’s compelling presentation will invite the bereaved to examine their own dreams for personal symbols, synchronicity, and metaphor, as a means to reconciliation and self-empowerment. There will be handouts and ample time for questions.

LENGTH: 1.5 hour


In this powerful presentation, Carla shares her inspiring testimony of the healing power of dreams in reconciling the death of her five-year-old son, Kevin. Carla reveals the ominous and prophetic nightmare pointing to Kevin's death, less than 12 hours before he died in a truck/bicycle accident. 

Mistakenly, she believed she had failed to heed the nightmare as a warning to save Kevin. For what other purpose had she been given such knowledge, if not to save him? Devastated by the loss of her precious son and overwhelmed with guilt, Carla believed she failed her son and her family. Using the nightmare as a tool for understanding and reconciliation, Carla began to reexamine her perceptions of death, loss and grief to discover forgiveness, healing, personal growth and new life.

Carla invites grieving parents to empower themselves by dreaming their way to healing. Just as a life without our beloved child(ren) is a life without a future; a life without a dream, is a life without hope. Bearing witness to the heartache of the most unspeakable loss experienced by bereaved parents, Carla eloquently answers the questions, "How can we dream of the future when we are living our greatest nightmare? How do we bridge the gap from living with heartache to living in heartlight?"

LENGTH: 30-45 minutes

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